The ThetaHealing® technique is a meditation technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy developed by Viana Stibal, owner of THInK & Let's THInK Unique.  The technique uses low-frequency theta brain waves (slowed down to a frequency of 4 to 7 hertz) that correspond to brain frequencies before deep sleep. The main thing that theta treatments allow us to do is to change the state of our subconscious. Theta state of consciousness opens the door to the subconscious and from there we can perceive and remove all limiting beliefs, fears, and traumas, which hinder us from living the life we ​​want. These can be beliefs and programs left to us by our parents or ancestors, or acquired at birth. Using the theta technique, we learn how to make the subconscious be our friend, not work against us, our happiness, health, success, and abundance that we want and deserve.

Our emotions are a product of our thoughts and beliefs, the way we experience the world around us. Those emotions produce chemical reactions in every cell and send us information about health or disease. Theta technique allows us to quickly and easily remove our fears, shame, shame, feelings of guilt, or remorse, feelings of loss, regret, anger, and hatred... and to transform them into joy, love, happiness, acceptance, and forgiveness, gratitude, health, and abundance.

Viana Stibal, the founder of this technique, believes that healing using theta brain waves is a very old method practiced by ancient peoples and civilizations.

"Today, science proves that 90 percent of all information in our brain is in our subconscious. It controls breathing, work, heart, and every function of the organism, It stores our memories and emotions, fears, trauma, anger, and sadness, which often manifest as physical psychosomatic illnesses. This is what psychoneuroimmunology, a new scientific discipline that proves that every thought and emotion in us produces a chemical reaction that carries information, deals with. Information is bought and transmitted by message carriers, neuropeptides, which are also found on the cell walls of our immune system, and not only in the brain as was believed until recently. When it receives information, our immune system sends a response in the form of illness or health.”

Sanja Lazarević, ”Uticaj podsvesti na zdravlje i sreću”, Ilustrovana Politika, 19.07.2022.

Everything takes place through a conversation between the therapist and the client. Through talking about what a person wants to change in life, and what is troubling or worrying him at that moment, his deep convictions, blockages, often traumas, and fears are brought to his attention. Once conscious, these blockages are easily and quickly released with the help of a theta practitioner therapist. During the treatment, the client is aware and awake and generally perceives the session as a relaxing and liberating process. The theta therapist is trained to keep the theta brain waves awake and in contact with the client, so the client soon establishes theta waves. The practitioner asks questions that may seem strange at times, but it is important to answer them honestly because these answers come directly from the subconscious. It is necessary for the client to actively participate, although sometimes he may be upset, or angry, he may even cry, but this is short-lived. When the therapist, by asking deeper and deeper questions, gets to the fundamental beliefs of the client, he needs a little time to change them and remove the cause of the problem.

At the seminars, participants get the basic knowledge about the ThetaHealing® technique and how to apply it independently.

At the basic seminar, you learn meditation and relaxation techniques, how to look at the reasons for everything that happens in a person's life, as well as how to adapt your reactions to those events. By acquiring these skills and knowledge, participants will be able to help themselves and others. These are mostly people who are on the path to self-knowledge and are ready to take responsibility for creating their own lives.

ThetaHealing® is not limited by age, race, gender, religion, or anything else. It respects every nationality, religion, and concept of God. It is a model of energy healing, a meditative process that heals on all levels of our being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Anyone who has pure faith in God or Creator Energy can access and use this method. ThetaHealing® has much more to do with quantum physics than medicine, it is quantum physics in practice and hence all technically educated people accept it very easily. This technique has elements of yoga, reiki, prana or chi energy and shamanism. Prior knowledge of these spiritual techniques is helpful, but by no means necessary.


"She was awarded for cancer detection software, and she focused her interests and creativity on the fields of consciousness development and spirituality.

Following the example of Nikola Tesla, Professor Dr. Jelena Vasiljević managed to combine the two sciences - of electrical engineering and medicine, and she proved her success in this in 2012 when she invented software for the early detection of a primary tumor, which later developed into metastases. The project has attracted a lot of attention from experts in the field of medicine. Application of the software facilitates the work of pathologists, and with newer versions of the software, radiologists as well, establishing diagnosis more quickly and reliably when detecting primary cancer. She inherited her talent for natural sciences from her father, who was also an inventor. When he died of metastases, not knowing that he had cancer, she decided to dedicate herself to researching the possibility of treating this disease.



Working in science, Jelena directed her interests and creativity towards research in the field of consciousness and spiritual development. Wanting to help, first of all, herself, and then others, she began to study psychology, as well as the application of the ThetaHealing® technique.

- It all started when my father passed away. Mom and older sister had a hard time accepting it, but I reversed it to the order of love and, as the youngest, took on a lot of responsibility. On the one hand, taking care of the family, on the other, studying. Then the inflation started,  the bombing, in general, it was very difficult and I needed a lot of inner strength to cope with the difficulties that befell me - says Jelena.

With the help of professional psychology literature, she tried to learn how to influence herself or, at least, her reaction to what happened to her. In addition to psychological, there were also physical manifestations, and after applying various methods, such as the Silva method, emotional freedom technique (EFT), and reiki, ThetaHealing® followed.

The whole philosophy of this teaching has a lot of similarities with the old teachings, where we turn to some universal energy, in the desire to learn something as if we were in school. In order to train others, it is necessary to complete a very interesting, but also quite demanding, seminar for instructors. There is always something good in every evil, and, in fact, the trials we go through should be understood as lessons that should teach us something and improve us as a person. That's how I worked hard and ended up becoming an instructor, right in the inconvenient time of the pandemic. Since then, I have helped many people, and I am especially pleased to help young people solve their problems, whether they are problems with studying, taking an exam with an awkward professor, nervousness, various phobias, creative blocks, love problems, relationship with parents or something else. Someone hear about what I do through friends, others through social networks, others come out of curiosity, but everyone has a common desire to understand the deep causes of their problems through theta technique and thus overcome them."

Snežana Đorđević, ”Svi odgovori su skriveni u nama “, Časopis BORBA, 23.07.2022.


Prof.Dr. Jelena Vasiljević is a Certified ThetaHealing® Instructor

She has been on the path of spiritual development for over 30 years, during which she completed many techniques such as TM, Reiki, EFT, Order of Love… She has been practicing ThetaHealing® for 12 years.







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Testimonials and Recommendations

Jelena’s practice of Tethe is characterized by knowledge, experience, practicality, adaptability. The work is imbued with care, understanding and commitment. The pleasure of the experience with her is complemented by her humor, laughter and spontaneity.

– Sonja Temunović
Jelena is a special, beautiful soul with whom you immediately develop a great closeness and trust. With great patience and passion, he selflessly shares his knowledge and experiences. He easily transfers the huge amount of energy and enthusiasm he has to his students. He continues to provide support even after the course with his advice on how to improve your theta practice and improve the quality of your life and thus physical and emotional healing and spiritual growth. Thank you, dear Jelena, for everything you gave me, and you gave me all of yourself! ❤

– Marijana Širol
Dear Jelena,
Thank you for inviting me to the course, it was wonderful. Your dedication, warmth, the way you treat participants is something that is rarely seen. I am grateful to you for all the lessons and insights. Everything is so fast and easy with your guidance. Thanks to you, I was able to find the cause of the problem that had been bothering me for years.

– Vesna Petrović
My first encounter with Theta healing therapy was with Jelena Vasiljević almost 10 years ago. My experience is that it is an extremely effective and powerful method of quickly “digging” to the root cause of a problem or situation. Especially when it is working with an experienced and talented therapist like Jelena, because with her in one session you do the topic from beginning to end, and that’s the end of it. There is no “hanging out” every week and exhausting psychotherapeutic conversations. Fast, efficient, effective. It changes life for the better. I recommend that you definitely try it. At one point I wanted to educate myself and become a Theta healing therapist myself. Jelena Vasiljević also guided me through that experience. The work in the seminars (Basic and Advanced) is deep, you work on your own beliefs and it is useful even if you do not want to work with others. Recommended for all those who want to work on themselves and have the opportunity to help others.

– Mirjana Zdravković
I’m not someone who writes comments. I don’t know why, I want to praise, to say that I agree, but it always remains only in my head. I’m thinking whether I’m going to write nicely, whether I’m going to be extensive and boring, and then, and then, the wonderful soul Jelena Vasiljević enters my life. Let’s do the session as a conversation between two long-time friends and… I feel the need, I want to express my feelings, my happiness, my gratitude. That beautiful soul, the Theta Practitioner, soared me into an even greater happiness, gratitude than the one I lived every day, believing that It was It. Now I know that I can always do more and that’s all thanks to the selfless love that Jelena Vasiljević gave me. She is my revelation, God’s gift and Thank you Thank you Thank you 🙏🙏🙏. Just one meeting with her led to my expansion, the realization of my desires, my manifestation. Thanks to Jelena, I feel that I live abundantly. Dear souls, I want you to feel this way too, to help yourself in working with Jelena. I believe that you will get more than you expected. Now I signed up for all those silences.
With love to all of you.

– Irena Bulatović
As a theta educator, Dr. Jelena Vasiljević is exceptionally well-rounded with knowledge and experience, she tries to pay attention to each individual participant and to achieve a friendly and team atmosphere during the workshops. She always especially emphasizes what is important to keep in mind and what are the ethical postulates of theta healing. At any time, she is ready to answer the questions of the participants or to give them useful advice. Her enthusiasm easily transfers to others.

– Sanja Lazarević
Dear Jelena… Thank you, wonderful woman, you are perfection without flaws… in your company, I realized that by learning person refines himself, his soul, his mind … I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart once again… Thank you, dear. ❤️❤️❤️

– Ana
I have been attending ThetaHealing® sessions for more than 4 years. Theta transformed my personality in a wonderful and gentle way and opened the door to a new world. When I was ready for a new step in spiritual development, Jelena Vasiljević appeared and became my ThetaHealing® teacher.
She wove her pedagogic and expert professional knowledge in a wonderful and easy way into teaching and thus joined two worlds, material and spiritual. Jelena radiates gentleness and warmth, joy and support, beauty and knowledge. She is committed to her students, who remain so even after the training is over. I am grateful because you lead me on this wonderful path of bliss and grace.

– Jasmina Dimitrijević
Dear Jelena, Thank you❤️
I am honored to be taught and guided by someone like her. She is a wonderful soul, a dedicated and thorough practitioner and instructor, full of love and understanding. With her you feel important and special. When things are not going well she believes in you and with patience she selflessly shares knowledge and counsels. and when the work shows results she truly knows how to praise you and share your happiness. I am looking forward to further cooperation:)
Infinitely grateful with the most sincere recommendations 💕

– T.S.
…in medias res…
…one of the greatest skills in life is to make real friends, true and trusted companions…
…as well as to find people who show you the right path, teach and guide you, so you just follow them with a light but reliable step…
… and if they also carry light within themselves then everything is there, don’t worry…
This is how I experienced Jelena, my Theta teacher, a teacher with a capital T, during these two days of my Theta seminar.
Jelena, thank you!

– B.C.
Jelena is an excellent teacher, she pays maximum attention to all her students, helping them to practice ThetaHealing® the best possible. She selflessly shares her knowledge and explains everything in detail. She creates a special energy in the entire space with which the Theta state is achieved with ease.
I have fulfilled the goal I set for myself at the workshop. I use theta daily, during meditations, to solve all doubts and problems, as well as to instantly relieve stress and calm down. I am grateful for everything I have learned! 💞

– Sara Dragović