Jelena Vasiljevic is Associate Professor of Intelligent System at the School of Computing, Union University in Belgrade, where she works as a Associate Professor for PhD, Master and Primary Studies as: Professor of Analysis and Making Genetic sequences – PhD studies; Professor of Bioinformatics, Robotics(one year), Neural Networks (two years), Fuzzy Logic and Knowledge Based Systems – Master Studies; Professor of Intelligent Systems (Artificial Intelligence), Neural networks, Genetic Algorithms, Robotics – Primary Studies (one year).
She is a Scientific Associate at “Mihajlo Pupin” Institute in Belgrade, Serbia, working on scientific & research projects related to various scientific issues, including:

    • Digital Image Processing (Application of Multifractal analysis in cancer diagnostic);
    • Telecommunications (developing more devices and software in the field of telecommunications research interests include medical image analyzing);
    • Biomedical Engineering (with practical and useful application in health improvement);
    • Managing research supported by government development grants with budget size over 400, 000 e annual (per each project, and there are two usually per year)

Recent Awards

        • Top ten Ph.D from Serbia in past several years, awarded by: Centar for Promotion of Science
          June 2016, Belgrade , Serbia;
        • The Best Researcher in 2014, awarded by Institute Mihajlo Pupin.
          Dec 2014, Belgrade , Serbia;
        • First Prize Award – Medident at International Medical Fair 2014 for Project for Cancer Diagnostic
          Oct 2014, Belgrade , Serbia;
        • Special Award on International Technical Fair, for PhD work in the area of Cancer Image Detection
          May 2014, Belgrade , Serbia;
        • One of top ten women 2014, awarded by Magazine Blic Women
          January 2015 Belgrade , Serbia
        • Female Hero , awarded for Projects in Medical Image Cancer Detection Research
          8th March 2015, Belgrade , Serbia;
        • Listed in Oxford Encyclopedia – under Successful People of Serbia;
        • Media: Multiple reports in media (TV and newspapers) as one of the best medical improvements applying technology in cancer diagnostics.